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It is incredible how fast Delivurr has become our business partner. Their staff is working with us like true colleagues. My only regret is not meeting them sooner!
-Jess from Lightspeed

Delivurr has become our office's only way of getting anything and everything we need! They are super efficient, punctual and have excellent customer service, which adds that extra touch that makes using their services even more enjoyable. Whenever we need something, we can rely on Delivurr!
-Alexei from Diagram Ventures

Delivurr has provided us with exceptional service, unparalleled to any other we have ever experienced! I cannot praise them highly enough for all they have done for what our company has needed. There is hands down no other service that can even compare to Delivurr.
-Melissa from Plotly

Delivurr has changed my life. The variety of offerings and ease of use of their platform is top notch. I was impressed from the first time we ordered with them, and they immediately became my go-to. Their customer service is also amazing and attentive!
-Sonnia from Breather

I was sold on Delivurr the first time I used it. The website is extremely user friendly; the fruits and vegetables are always fresh (not something you see very often when ordering large quantities), and the service is just exceptional. Anthony and his team have been nothing short of kind and helpful every time. Thank you so much for everything you do!
-Jennifer from Dialogue

Delivurr has been an amazing addition to our office life! They provide a wide variety of yummy snacks and are always willing to accommodate our particular office needs! Their delivery schedule is super flexible which is something our previous delivery company was lacking. Anthony and Mark-Yves have been great to work with and I would happily recommend Delivurr to any business!
-Maryssa from FlightHub

I'm the facilities manager for a company located in the heart of downtown Montreal, and one of our prides is our cafeteria facilities. 24/7/7, always full of continental types of foods for employees. And you know what? I have never believed in perfection, until I met Delivurr!
-Shahram from Nakisa

Delivurr is extremely reliable in providing our office with all the snacks and beverages we need. They constantly adapt to our changing needs and accommodate all sorts of special requests. This not only takes a load off of our office management, but helps our team members stay focused and not worried about finding something to fuel them though the day!
-Jennifer from AppDirect

Delivurr has had a huge impact on our office culture and snack options! Whenever we need anything, we know that we can rely on Delivurr to get it to us. They are amazingly flexible, punctual and always an email or call away whenever you need anything. They are always adding new products and the quality is top notch, but the customer service, and the team at Delivurr, are really what makes it special.
-Michelle from Vention

Delivurr has become our primary way of getting what we need due to their variety of offerings, their professionalism, responsiveness, and quality of service. We know that we can count on Anthony and his team every time. Their friendly and personalized service is rarely seen elsewhere, entirely recommended!
-Patricia from Ivado Labs

Professionalism is at the top of Delivurr’s shopping list. Great to deal with and always on time.
-Marco from CCM

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